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Paprika Oleoresin

What is Paprika Oleoresin?
Paprika Oleoresin is a natural food colorant used to obtain a deep red colour in any food that has a liquid/fat phase. It is derived from the liquid extract of the fruit of genus Capsicum Annum L, obtained by extraction with hexane. The oleoresin is a slightly viscous, homogenous red liquid with good flow properties at room temperature.

Paprika oleoresin is available in many different levels of coloring strength, from product with 20,000 up to 140,000 standard colour units (from ASTA Colour 500 up to 3,500).
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Selected paprika extract and vegetable oil.

35 lb Net Weight drums.

Product should be stored in a cool, dry environment, protected from exposure to heat and light. Product should not be exposed to freezing temperatures. Recommended storage temperature is 50o - 60o Fahrenheit.

Shelf Life:
18 months if stored under ideal conditions.

Physical Properties:
  • Colour: Specified standard colour units
  • Density: 0.93 - 0.97 g/mL
  • Insoluble Particles: < 2.0%
  • Residual Solvent: < 20 ppm Hexane
  • Total Heavy Metals (meas. as Pb): < 40 ppm
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