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What is Paprika?
"Paprika" powder is obtained by the grinding of pods from the dried sweet red peppers Capsicum Annum. Several grindings are necessary to obtain the correct texture. This aromatic powder is deep red to red-orange in color; its flavor is mildly sweet and non-pungent.

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Product is available in our New Jersey warehouse. Please contact our Sales Department for product spec sheets and price quotes on an Ex-warehouse or Delivered basis. See Contact info below or on our Contact Page

This product should be stored consistently in a cool, dry environment. Paprika should be protected from exposure to sunlight or other strong light, and the product should not be stored next to any strong smelling substance. The ideal storage temperature is 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The length of time paprika is good is highly dependent upon the conditions in which it is stored. If properly stored, paprika is normally good for 18 months or even longer.

There are two primary areas of importance when evaluating paprika quality: organoleptic characteristics (color, flavor and aroma), and the cleanliness of the product (including light filth and microbiology).

Paprika is normally classified by its extractable color (see ASTA Color below). Paprika with a brighter red color will normally have a higher extractable ASTA Color (measured in units) and is more expensive. Lighter color product (more orange-red) will have a lower ASTA Color rating. We have available for prompt shipment from Spain and also from Peru all available color grades of paprika.

Available Qualities:
  • ASTA Color Minimum 160 (160-180)
  • ASTA Color Minimum 140 (140-160)
  • ASTA Color Minimum 120 (120-140)
  • ASTA Color Minimum 100 (100-120)
  • ASTA Color Minimum 80 (80-100)
  • ASTA Color Minimum 60 (60-80)

Our Paprika is packed in strong multi-wall Paper sacks with high-density polyethylene lining, packed 50 lbs Net Wt. Inventory of the above grades of Paprika is available for immediate shipment from our Warehouse in Newark, NJ.

We can also arrange shipment directly from our overseas factories in either Spain or Peru for FCL orders. For direct import quotes we can quote prices FOB Port Spain or Peru, or C&F to any major port in the world. Product can be packed in 50 lb, 25 Kg or 50 Kg sacks according to the client's preference.

We use only the cleanest dried peppers, dried inside under controlled conditions. This is essential to providing a clean paprika powder. Furthermore, we offer sterilized product. One should be careful when purchasing paprika to specify parameters for light filth and microbiology as well as the extractable color. Paprika from many origins is routinely made from raw material dried outdoors, in the sun, thus often unclean. We offer a full guarantee of each customer's product specifications prior to shipment.
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