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Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds, also known as Linseeds, are native to the Mediterranean region and in the Middle East and Near East. Flax is believed to have been cultivated first in the “Fertile Crescent” and was extensively cultivated in Egypt since before 5000 BC . Flax Seeds were an important part of many ancient cultures and were believed to cure abdominal pain as well as sustain energy. During the Eighth Century, King Charlemagne enforced laws that would make all of his subjects consume Flax Seeds because he believed that this would ensure good health and longevity.

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Recently Flax Seeds have been gaining in popularity due to its many perceived health benefits. Flax Seeds have plenty Alpha Linolenic Acid, a plant-derived Omega-3 Fatty Acid. This abundance of Alpha Linolenic Acid is believed to give Flax Seeds the ability to lower LDL cholesterol ( ie “bad cholesterol”). Flax Seeds are also believed to aid in lowering blood pressure and possibly helping to reduce the risk of heart attacks by preventing platelets from becoming sticky. Flax Seeds are also a good source of Lignan , which is an antioxidant . The Lignan found in Flax is abundant in dietary fiber and is considered beneficial for health. Lignan has given Flax Seeds a reputation for reducing the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Flax Seeds are slightly larger than sesame seeds and have a smooth, shiny shell. Colors of Flax Seeds range from deep amber to reddish brown, depending on variety. There are no notable differences in flavor or nutritional content from one variety or color to another. The flavor of Flax Seeds is typically described as earthy and warm, with a slightly nutty crunchy when consumed whole. When purchased whole, Flax Seeds can last easily for a year or more if stored consistently in a cool, dry, dark environment. Flax Seeds that are older will normally have less flavor when compared with freshly packed product.

Flax Seeds have an important role in the bakery industry, and are often used in health foods such as wheat breads, cereals and even smoothies. Flax Seeds can be sprinkled on top of salads, breakfast cereals, and cooked vegetables. Within bakeries, Flax Seeds have a place in whole grain breads, multi-grain bagels, and whole-wheat rolls. Flax Seeds are also pivotal within products labeled “energy” foods.
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